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Notary Functions and Services

The Notary is a public official to whom the State delegates the power to perform public functions, that are exercised in the name and on behalf of the public power, to guarantee all the legal and economic systems.
The Notary’s main function is to certify the parties’ needs in accordance with the laws and the principles of the legal system. Therefore, he is directly involved with the parties, after consultation and analysis of the most fit solution for their requirements, to act in their best interest.

A notary is directly involved with the parties in the following operations:

  • Drafting and amending bylaws for corporations
  • Extraordinary corporate operations
  • Transfer of shares, trademarks, patents
  • Notarization of company registers and records

  • Buying and selling property
  • Mortgages
  • Credit operations
  • Creation of trust funds
  • Urban and planning issues

  • Wills and testaments
  • Property taxes
  • Particular contracts for distributing assets and property
  • Inheritance or death tax returns

  • Witnessing signatures
  • Certifying copies of documents and official translations
  • Statutory declarations
  • Witnessing and taking of affadavits, oaths or affirmations